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Restaurant Reviews

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • We share our lackluster experiences with this once-pretty solid chicken joint.
  • Chicago O'Hare Eateries
    • Lord Fizzlebeef wanders the food courts of the Chicago O'Hare airport looking for a place to eat.
  • P.F. Chang's
    • When you're looking for the dressed-up equivalent of mall food, this is the place for you.
  • Pizza Hut
    • Having lucked into a stuffed crust pizza, we take a look at that pie, along with other items I like to get from the Hut.
  • Sugarfire Smokehouse
    • We take a few trips to this downtown Indianapolis BBQ join (not sadly closed).
  • Twins Grill & Bar
    • Lord Fizzlebeef has another airport adventure, with another sad restaurant experience.
  • Victoria & Albert's
    • We review the seven courses (and counting) in a meal at this five-star restaurant.

Spicy Chickens

  • Spicy Chicken Wars
    • We go on a quest to see what the best Spicy Chicken sandwich is out there, and the result should be all too expected.
  • Spicy Chicken Wars II
    • We have more chickens to review as we try to see if anything can be better than the Popeye's sandwich.
  • Spicy Chicken Wars III
    • Another batch of contenders for the crown, but can any of them really unseat the king?


  • Bananas
    • Banana's are gross. That is all.
  • Blow Pop Berries
    • Blow Pops are back and they have some new (and reissued) flavors. But are they any good?
  • Breakfast Cereal
    • We take a round-up of cereals found in our local grocer to see what weird madness kids are subjected to.
  • Breakfast Cereal II
    • We review even more cereals are we slowly go insane from sugar.
  • Girl Scout Cookies
    • We bought a bunch of cookies and, once our sugar haze lifted and we woke up months later, we're now ready to discuss them.
  • McDonalds Hacks
    • McDonalds officalizes its "Secret Menu" items, and we take a look at the good, bad, and the vile from their offerings.
  • Skittles Gummies
    • Skittles tries its hand at true gummies (which isn't the weirdest idea), but the results are far from great.


  • Casseroles
    • We start sharing recipes and we start off with a trio of casseroles.
  • Tex-Mex
    • The cooking continues, this time for a fun fiesta on taco night.
  • Stews
    • Time to get your soup on as we do another trio of recipes to make on a cold night.
  • Italian Feast
    • We prepare an Italian feast, from appetizers to main dishes.

General Discussion

  • Food Etiquette: When to buy, how to choose what to buy, and what's a fair way to meet everyone's needs in a food-party situation.