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  • Spider-man
    • We begin our dive of Spider-man on film with a look at the first big-budget production of the ol' web head. This film helped to launch the whole superhero genre, so let's take a look and see just how heroic it really is.
  • Spider-man 2
    • The first film in the series was such a big success that Sony brought everyone back, director and actors, for another stab at the superhero gold. We find out if it's a superheroic sequel or kind of a dud.
  • Spider-man 3
    • Take a journey with us into the third, and arguably weakest, of the Raimi run of Spider films.

Amazing Spider-verse

  • The Amazing Spider-man
    • Spider-man 3 sucked, so Sony decided to go back to the well and try again. From scratch. We take a dive into Sony's first attempt at rebooting the Spider-man film franchise, this time in a quote/unqote Amazing way.
  • The Amazing Spider-man 2
    • After the reasonable success of Sony's Spider-reboot, the studio went all-in on Spidey once more, attempting with this film to start up a whole Spider-franchise. Instead, they created one of the worst films in the whole Spider-verse.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Captain America: Civil War (MCU 13)
    • It's Cap v Iron Man is the superhero battle of the century. We take a look at the film to see how it all shakes out when friend fights friend. Will the Avengers be able to stand against internal strife?
  • Spider-man: Homecoming (MCU 16)
    • With a new reboot of Spider-man out, we review the third iteration of the web-head in 16 years. Is he more hero than insect? Let's find out.
  • Avengers: Infinity War (MCU 19)
    • Marvel's back at it again, smashing their superheroes up against a powerful villain looking to eradicate life across the universe. Can the Avengers stop this new threat, and will the film be any good? We review it and see.
  • Avengers: Endgame (MCU 22)
    • And this is it, the end of an era as everything from the last eleven years comes together in a gigantic, series-crossing, three-hour epic. You've made it this far so we have no doubt you're in for this movie as well.
  • Spider-man: Far From Home (MCU 23)
    • Following the rousing success of the Spider-reboot, and two big Avengers movies, Sony and Marvel return to the web-head with a second, Tom Holland-starring solo adventure. Sadly, lightning just couldn't strike twice as this film is decent but not great.
  • What If...? (MCU 28)
    • We explore the multiverse from the perspective of various alternate character as we ponder the question... "What If...?"
  • Spider-man: No Way Home (MCU 32)
    • Peter's identity is revealed so, with the help of Doctor Strange, he tries to use magic to fix it, which only causes a multiverse of problems instead.


  • Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse
    • Even though Sony has a totally awesome Spider-man on the Silver Screen courtesy of Marvel, Sony still wants to try and get a "Spider-Verse" connected universe of their very own. Thus we have the first animated, big screen film, and it just so happens to star Miles Morales. Let's take a look.

Sony's Spider-Man Universe

  • Venom
    • We take a look at Sony's attempt as a "Spider-verse without Spider-man" in this vaguely related film about Spidey's most famous nemesis.
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage
    • Vanom is back, battling against a new symbiote (fan-favorite Carnage) in this sequel that doesn't really have anything new to say about, well, anything.

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