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Marvel Television

  • Hit-Monkey
    • The ghost of an assassin and an angry monkey team up for revenge in this crass and comedic adult cartoon series.
  • M.O.D.O.K.
    • Big-headed supervillain M.O.D.O.K. deals with a company looking to steal his supervillain lab, his wife leaving him, and evil aliens in this lighthearted strop-motion romp.
  • Runaways
    • Exclusive to Hulu, this series follows six teenagers on their adventures after they discover that their parents are supervillains. Can the kids take down their parents and save the world? Let's find out.

Other Series

  • The Americans
    • Russian spies hide in plain sight, doing the work of the Soviet Union, in this tense drama series.
  • The Bear
    • A burned-out chef inherits a sandwich shop from his dead brother and has to turn the place around before the walls close in.
  • The Great
    • A satirical reinvention of the rise of Catherine the Great that absolutely kills it (sometimes quite literally).
  • High-Fidelty
    • A loose reinterpretation of the John Cusack comedy, this series sees Zoe Kravitz step into the role of Rob, the record shop owner, for a familiar, but subtly different, tale of love and loss.
  • Justified:; City Primeval
    • Raylan Givens returns to take on a new foe in a big city in this loose Elmore Leonard Adaptation.
  • The Orville
    • Seth McFarlane has a show that's Star Trek but not Star Trek. We take a look to see if it's any good.
  • Reboot
  • Veronica Mars
    • 15 years after the series first debuted (and 12 years after it was cancelled), Veronica Mars returned to the small screen once more, now in a Hulu revival of the original show. Officially considered a direct continuation, the show did not negate any of the continuity from the movie and novels to come before.
  • Y: The Last Man
    • When a plague wipes out (nearly) all male life from the planet (or, more accurately, all living beings with the Y chromosome), the world is plunged into chaos. It'll take the efforts of the President of the U.S., her son (who survived for unknown reasons) and a brilliant biologist to find a cure and help restore biodiversity to the planet (i.e., bring back the dudes).


  • Books of Blood
    • Clive Barker's popular series of short stories gets a warm-over, ill-conceived anthology film adaptation.
  • Boston Strangler
    • A serial killer film that desperately wants to copy David Fincher's style, just without his perfectionism, aplomb, or talent.
  • Darby and the Dead
    • A young woman who experienced near-death as a kid can see the ghosts of the dead... and is haunted by the mean girl at school.
  • Hellraiser (2022)
    • Hulu unlocks the puzzle box again for another outing of the Cenobites, but this one lacks the scares to be truly special.
  • Little Monsters
    • A luckless loser find the woman of his dreams when he takes his nephew on a trip to a petting zoo, only for love, life, and lessons to come together during a zombie outbreak.
  • Palm Springs
    • At a wedding in Plam Springs, CA, the maid of honor just sucked into a time loop due to one hapless dude tha's been stuck in the same day for possibly years. And then they realize they're perfect for each other.
  • Prey
    • The Predator series distills itself down to its core for a film all about the hunter and the hunted.
  • The Princess
    • A princess is trapped at the top of a tower, surrounded by an entire army of foes, and has to fight her way down to save her kingdom in this action adventure.
  • Rosaline
    • Romeo's original squeeze gets her own film in this enjoyable, if slight, comedic side story.

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