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  • Veronica Mars (2004)
    • Back in in the days before UPN and the WB merged to form the CW a plucky detective show appeared on UPN starring a teenage detective. Her adventures, both mysterious and romantic, formed the core of this beloved, cult-classic show.
  • Veronica Mars (2014)
    • Cancelled after three season, fans of Veronica Mars assumed the show was lost (even though they held out hope for some kind of revival). And then, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ronnie returned in a movie set ten years after the start of her original series.
  • Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line
    • While the movie wasn't a huge success at the Box Office, it did stoke further interest in the character. Series creation Rob Thomas obliged, continuing her stories in novel form, the first of which found VM working the case of two teens who went missing in Neptune, CA, during Spring Break.
  • Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell
    • The first book proved to be a bestseller, so creator Rob Thomas returned to the well a few months later for a second novel about a call girl, a john, and a brutal assault.
  • Veronica Mars (2019)
    • And then, 15 years after it first debuted (and 12 years after it was cancelled), Ronnie returned to the small screen once more, now in a Hulu revival of the original show. Officially considered a direct continuation, the show did not negate any of the continuity from the movie and novels to come before.