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  • Chrono Trigger
    • Let's start with the best, a review of many would call the best JRPG ever, let alone the best of the SNES era.
  • Chrono Cross
    • Chrono Trigger is great and we'll fight anyone that says otherwise. Chrono Cross, though? Not so much. Let's see if we can figure out why.
  • Dragon Quest
    • The land of Alfegard is in danger, dominated by an evil being known at the Dragon Lord. You take on the role of the hero, sent out into the world with the clothes on your back to defeat the evil and save the day. Or, you know, never leave the opening zone and commit slime genocide. At least, that's what we did.
  • Final Fantasy
    • We take a proper dive into the Final Fantasy series with a look at the game that started it all, the NES original. It's a brutal game, but someone has to play it. Will it be you that next takes up the challenge?
  • Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise "Highway to the Zemus Zone" Tournament
    • We take a look at the 2018 Free Enterprise tournament, looking at some of the great players and a run down of the awesome matched leading to it's thrilling conclusion.
  • Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise "Highway to the 3mus Zone" Tournament
    • We check back in with the randomizer for the community's third big event, which has a lot of fun but maybe veers too far from what really worked the first two times.
  • Final Fantasy Adventure
    • We then turn our sights to the Seiken Densetsu series, as it's known in Japan, with the first of the titles in the series. Is this GameBoy adventure a classic or just an oddity?
  • Secret of Mana
    • The SNES follow-up to Final Fantasy Adventure improves everything while adding in better graphics and music. But does it really create a winner, or is it more weirdness from the Japanese company?
  • Secret of Evermore
    • Finally, a true odd-ball, an America-only game built upon the Mana engine. We take a look at the game to see why it never made it outside the States.
  • Octopath Traveler

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  • SpeedGaming Live 2019: We take a backstage tour through SpeedGaming Live, and then hit a few of the videos from the marathon, including Final Fantasy Randomizer.