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1950s Series

  • The Fly (1958)
    • The first adaptation of the sci-fi story, this film sees Vincent Price going through the case of his dead brother and the woman seemingly framed for his murder.
  • Return of the Fly
    • A continuation of the "science gone wrong" story seen the son of the original fly going through the experiements again, to similarly tragic results.
  • Curse of the Fly
    • The family just can't stop messing with science in this loose (and not very good) sequel to the films that came before.

1980s Series

  • The Fly (1986)
    • The far superior adaptation, this film sees Jeff Goldblum's scientist accidentally splice his DNA with that of a fly, creating a horrific nightmare for all involved.
  • The Fly II
    • A different take on the "son of the fly" concept, this sequel has none of the style, or chills, of its predecessor.

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