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  • Batman '66 & Batman: the Movie
    • Adam West takes over the title role as the Caped Crusader enters the campy, but fun, 1960s.
  • Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
    • Adam West and Burt Ward return to their most famous roles for an aimated continuation that picks up as if the classic series never ended.
  • Batman vs. Two-Face
    • Adam West and Burt Ward come back again to take on a new dastardly demon, the rampaging ruler of ruckus, Two-Face.
  • Batman Forever & Batman and Robin
    • After directing two films, Burton and the studio butted heads over the future of the series, leading Burton to leave the franchise. Joel Schumacher was brought in to continue the franchise, and his vision was very... different. We take a look at what some consider cinematic train wrecks in this two-film review.
  • The Dark Knight Rises
    • The final installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy, this installment was hobbled by the untimely death of Joker star Heath Ledger after the second film. Without the Joker, what direction could the final film take? We look at third installment in the trilogy to see what it gets right and just how it compares to the films that came before.
  • Batman: Year One
    • Going back to the beginning, we get a retelling of Batman's early start as he begins to protect the city while, on the other side of the law, Jim Gordon attempts to clean up the GCPD.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2
    • Many decades later, Bruce has retired as the Bat and James Gordon is primes to enter his own retirement from the force. But the rise of a new gang, the Mutants, has cast a dark edge across Gotham, and only one man, one bat man, can save the city one last time.
  • Batman: Hush
    • All of Batman's villains are conspiring against him which leads Batman to think there might be an even bigger foe behind these machinations. If only he could figure out who...
  • Catwoman: Hunted
    • On the run from Leviathan and the League of Shadows, Catwoman has to team with Batwoman lest she died a painful and horrible death.
  • The Batman
    • We get another reboot of the Bat as he takes on a nasty terroist with a penchanct for explosive traps in this grim dark entry.

See Also

  • Harley Quinn: Based on her solo-comic, Harley Quinn has just broken up with the Joker and is forced to find her own footing as a villain in Gotham City. Thankfully she has great friends, like Poison Ivy, to help her on her way.