The Thing

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  • Who Goes There?
    • A planned look at the sci-fi novella that started the franchise.
  • The Things
    • A planned look at the award-winning novella that reinvented to story from the alien's perspective.
  • The Thing from Another World (1951)
    • A planned look at the first adaptation of the novella.
  • The Thing (1982)
    • In 1982, John Carpenter took a stab (so to speak) at adapting the source novella. His version, though, was much more intense, dark, and gory. Although not a success at the time, we take a look at what turned this movie into such a cult hit over the years.
  • The Thing (2011)
    • Although the original was not a financial success, Universal spent years attempting some kind sequel to the John Carpenter original. Eventually, they released a little-loved prequel that largely retread the same material. Was it really a dude, or is there something special in this retread?

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