The Thin Man

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  • The Thin Man (1934)
    • When a business man goes missing, his daughter suspects foul play, so she calls in his old pal Nick Charles, retired P.I., to investigate the case.
  • After the Thin Man
    • This fast-talking sequel gives us another whirlwind adventure of Nick and Nora Charles that's nearly as good as the original
  • Another Thin Man
    • The third and final film to have all the original creators, in front of and behind the camera, still carries the franchise one more time.
  • Shadow of the Thin Man
    • Without all the original members behind the camera this film lacks the spark and energy of the best of the films.
  • The Thin Man Goes Home
    • While this film has the wit of the best of the series, it also starts to lose sight of what made these characters so good.
  • Song of the Thin Man
    • The last, and weakest, of the run shows why this series needed to stop, and why it probably shouldn't have continued past the original three.