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  • Clerks (1994)
    • Smith's debut focused on two losers working on crappy conveniences stores, and the fun and troubles they have in a single day.
  • Mallrats
    • Another day-in-the-life, this time with a couple of dudes having a very funny and silly adventure at a mall.
  • Chasing Amy
    • A personal story about love and loss (with a few troubling issues in the script) that helped launch Smith as a "serious director" (it wouldn't last long).
  • Dogma
    • The second personal story Smith had in him, this time discussing religion from the perspective of a lapsed Catholic.
  • Clerks (2000)
    • The animated series spin-off was tragically cut short by ABC after only airing four of its six episodes. And yet, it also made quite the impression on Smith's long-time fans.

Other Films and Television

  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation
    • When He-Man and Skeletor die in battle against each other the truth of He-Man's real identity comes out, sending Teela, the newly knighted "Master of Arms" off on her own journey away from the kingdom. But the magic of the realm needs help and Teela is the best hero for the job of restoring magic and saving the world.

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  • Clerks (1995)
    • While Smith was off making Mallrats, ABC went forward with their own pilot for a show based on Clerks. The results were not good.