The Works of Christopher Nolan

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Batman Films

  • Batman Begins
    • After Batman and Robin bombed and everyone in the world collectively agreed to try and forget it existed, DC took some time before creating a new film with the Dark Knight. Eventually, though, they brought on auteur director Christopher Nolan how created a more grounded bat-tale. We look at the first of the films to see how Nolan's vision measured up.
  • The Dark Knight
    • After Batman Begins rebooted the Bat and washed the taste of the Schumacher films away, fans clamored for further adventures in the Nolan universe. The follow up took a decidedly darker turn as Batman faced off against his greatest foe: the Joker. We look at this film to see how it measures up.
  • The Dark Knight Rises
    • The final installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy, this installment was hobbled by the untimely death of Joker star Heath Ledger after the second film. Without the Joker, what direction could the final film take? We look at third installment in the trilogy to see what it gets right and just how it compares to the films that came before.

Other Works

  • Insomnia
    • Nolan's first true big-budget film also show the level of skill and care he could put into his work, adapting a tense Norwegian thriller for U.S. audiences.
  • The Prestige
    • Two stage magicians get locked into a decade's long rivalry, an obsession tha could doom them both, in this twisty drama.
  • Inception
    • Like a dream within a dream within a dream, Nolan directs a twisty film of a team directing a heist within someone's mind.
  • Tenet
    • Time twists upon itself as a cop and his ally plan a complex scheme against a criminal mastermind.