A Visit to the National Zoo

Dispatches from SG Live 2022

This last week (at the time of writing) my wife and I attended the annual SpeedGaming Live event. It's four days of video game tournaments and randomizers, all had for fun. I help with the event, but since the convention is also held in the Washington D.C. area, it provides a great chance to go and be a dumb tourist. So that's what my wife and I did, with a visit to the National Zoo. Here are the photos we took with absolutely accurate animal names:

Hornbilled Judgmental Birb

African Cat Carrier (Domesticated)
African Cat (Wild)

Majestic Doof

Spiny Tree Hedgie
Faux Fabulous Tree Hedgie

Deep Sea Marshmallow Thief
Chocolate Tort

Last Living Dinosaur (Dead)
Crested Zoomer Tortoise

Wild Ekans (It's Super Effective!)
Asian Suddenly Attentive Gecko

His Majesty
Kitty (Rawr)

American Land Chubbo
Hot Steppin' Steppe Horses

Best Panda

Saharan Black Hornbilled Judgmental Birb
Beef Stick (Domesticated)

Asian Coatracks (Wild)
His Honorable Horatio J. Hornswaggle III, Esq.