Things Have Been a Bit Up In the Air

A Brief Behind-the-Scenes Update

I didn't update much in the last month, getting shy of two week's worth of updates done for this site when normally the whole month is packed with articles. A lot has been going on in my life recently and I figured I should at least share a little since, honest, things could remain up in the air, and sporadic, on this site for a while to come.

The happy news is that none of what's going on is bad. It's all actually good news for me, it's just all kept me busy. One big part of the slowdown in updates was that I went over to SGLive 2022 and worked that video game speed running convention for a week. That ate up some of my time near the end of October, and while I'll likely write a little bit about the experience for this site, I didn't have time during the event to get any articles spit out. Those will hopefully come soon.

The bigger matter, though, is that I got a new job, one that's across country from where I'm living right now. That set off a furious series of things that had to get done. I had to pack my house, I had to clean my house, I had to get my house on the market. That was two solid weeks of work to get the place in some kind of shape so that it could be sold, and while I'm still waiting on that "sold" part (the current economy being what it is), it was a necessary task so that I could move.

That move, by the way, happens next week so if I'm incommunicado for a little while again that will be the reason why. Although I have a place to stay (while my place sells here so I can get a place permanently out there) who knows how good the Internet is going to be in my temporary quarters. Things, as I noted in the title of this update, are up in the air.

Regardless, as things shake out and everything stabilizes, updates for the site will resume at a steady clip. I just don't know exactly when that will be. Still, check back occasionally to see what all I've managed to get written in and around every other life event going on.

Thanks, everyone, and hopefully updates aren't too sporadic for the next couple of months.