A Review in with Weirdly Arbitrary Levels of Detail

Super Robot Wars 30: Coverage, Part 2

Hey it's been a while so here's my SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 update:

Super Robot Wars 30

Went through the music overhaul and unless there's any more surprises it's largely done (although for some things I have to wait for the units to actually arrive so I have the things to attach the music to but I digress).

Going through a shit ton of side missions and optional missions has power levelled my party to a crazy extent, and I now have enough units that I actually have to make decisions! First, some corrections to prior reviews.

Huckebein 30

Now that I can cheat out the morale requirements a bit and get straight to 110 out of the gate, running around and Leap Slashing everything seems perfectly good. Kill count is way behind but due to optional missions this is tied with the SRX for highest level unit. So that's neat. Plot unlock Double Graviton Rifle gives this thing the thing it sorely needed: range and superior damage (Rule #1 of mecha: Gravity Always Wins)

Tier: A

Blue 1

So, remember that whole "no range but movement speed so it's fine" thing? Yeah, turns out the first 15 missions have been chock full of nothing but things that live in the 5 space range and they just sit there and shoot at Blue 1, who has to rely on his shitty autocannon to return fire. Or maybe the Gun Halberd if he's lucky, but frequently isn't. A melee range of 2 just does not cut it for the lack of power compared to super robots that live in that range. Combine that with the fact that I'm starting to meet fast things that are able to tag, and the unreliability of low morale Damage Shield, this thing just gets like, one kill before I have to rescue it. Not good enough.

Tier: A

Rose 3

It just can't get any kills. Like, ever. I'm really having to babysit it so that it doesn't fall too far behind the rest of the regular forces. What this DOES have going for it is still the highest base movement speed of anything I have. Slap on the MXP Converter and Credit converter and make it spend every turn just doing wind sprints in the back field where nothing can threaten it. Taking up a deployment slot for just this is very expensive though, so if I ever land something functional this is getting benched.

Tier: C/F

V Dash Gundam Hexa

Even the regular V Dash Gundam is struggling to keep a spot in my regular rotation. The stat deficits have just continued to mount overtime. Marbet is a bad pilot. That's all there is to it.

Tier: F


Big Chungus has been the cornerstone of every difficult mission and difficult special extra mission I've been able to complete. It's now tied for highest level at 30 while the rest of the main forces are hovering in the 18-22 range. So many pilot skills at its disposal, lots of power parts that synergize well and this thing is the unstoppable juggernaut I knew it could be.

Tier: S

Gundam Narrative

Going to have to split this into two parts. A-Packs are still kinda shit but at least force feeding this moron levels has made him a functional support unit. B-Packs on the other hand, I'm really struggling to keep him around. Not great range, not great power, he's quick on the shield defend but constantly getting hit anyway. And since A-Packs are space only, I'm using B-Packs way more than I like.

A-Packs Tier: B
B-Packs Tier: C

With those corrections out of the way TIME FOR NEW UNITS WOOOOO:

NEW UNIT: Rhinos

From the Majestic Prince series it's... these guys. They can cast Rouse (+10 Morale to all adjacent units). ....Yep. They sure can cast Rouse. These guys are Shrike Team levels of bad.

Tier: F

NEW UNIT: Cybaster

Second DLC unit has arrived and it's an oldy and very goody. TLDR: Elemental Lord of Wind does everything you expect out of the name. Goes fast. Hard to hit. Can take a punch or two before needing to withdraw. Starts with Akashic Buster and Cosmo Nova already? Got this power part that gives it more mobility depending on Air rating? Akashic Buster is only 110 morale so I can already cheat it out to basically full power? FUCKIN SOLD.

Tier: A

NEW UNIT: Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai

Well this is a clusterfuck of a mobile suit. Poor Char. I dunno why you're in this but you're in it. It can't really dodge anything, can't really take any hits, but it's got a really fuckin big beam rifle with good range so we'll let it stick around for the moment. But I am dying to get this poor lad out of this shitbucket and into like, a Sazabi or Nightingale or something.

Tier: B

NEW UNIT: Gundam

GRANDPA GUNDAM IS BACK BOYS. It is uhh.... not great but FUCK YOU WE'RE MAKING IT WORK. At least it can use Attack Sequence after moving, and with Amuro at the helm it's going to dodge most of the shit coming at it. I think this thing is probably going to live on the bench as soon as we're done with it but man, it's so cool seeing it in action in a real Super Robot Wars game again.

Tier: C

NEW UNIT: Gundam Mk. II

Oh, Kamille. I know you have to live in this shitbucket until we find a Zeta Gundam somewhere but like, did it have to be this bad? the Long Beam Rifle at least keeps you out of melee combat but you can't really do much more than plink soft targets. I'm struggling to keep you around.

Tier: C

NEW UNIT: Methuss

Oh. Right. This thing. Well if I ever needed a very mobile healer/refill this thing is getting fielded immediately. I don't have the space for that, and the Dreisstrager is going to eventually be better at it anyway. Sorry Fa.

Tier: F

NEW UNIT: Shin Getter Dragon

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh why do I only have Ryoma. Damnit Getter Team. Getter Robo only works if all of you assholes are in at the same time. I need Hayato's speedy skills. I need Benkei's tank skills. Ryoma can at least hit things but he's having the same problem the SRX was having before upgrades. And for plot reasons power output is also drastically reduced. Like, I KNOW where it's going to go but it kinda sucks right now.

Tier: B

NEW UNIT: Great Mazinger

Fuck Great Mazinger. Fuck Tetsuya. Shit sucks.

Tier: B but fuck you anyway

New Unit: Ichinana

Hey look everyone it's dollar store Mazinger Z with a more annoying pilot.

Tier: F


Aww man. I wanted Genesic GaoGaiGar. Shit I would have settled for basic GaoGaiGar. Instead... I get this Pacific Rim two-pilots bullshit. Well, at least Hell & Heaven will still deal damage but in terms of super robot horsepower, this is sorely lacking behind the Shin Getter Dragon, not to mention the SRX. Also why does this thing have support attack when it's nothing but melee range? It's like putting a tactical scope on a sawed off shotgun.

Tier: B/C

NEW UNIT: Ikaruga

Seems very fast but the problem is all of its attacks are ranged and require a stationary position. And Ernie doesn't have Charge as a pilot skill. It's so weird. The Knight Silhouettes all have an inherent ability that gives them -30% damage taken from ANY ranged attack so long as the unit is at above 50% energy which like, could give this things legs as a sniper unit, but I already have Gold 4. I don't need another Gold 4. And with upgrades Damage Shield will be way better than just -30% damage taken. If I ever get room for another sniper unit this is top of the list but like, I'm struggling.

Tier: B

NEW UNIT: Tzendolg

So like, I WANT to like this, who wouldn't love a mecha centaur galloping through space. But in the initial mission I got it in, it did not set me alight. I'll have to take a look at it in greater detail. It also has the problem of wanting to live in melee but has defenses against ranged, and I already have Team Rabbits for that. Red 5 can fly, this cannot.

Tier: C

Current Main Forces
  1. Huckebein 30
  2. SRX
  3. Gold 4
  4. Cybaster
  5. Shin Getter Dragon
  6. Red 5
  7. Gundam
  8. Gundam Mk. II
  9. Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai
  10. Gundam Narrative
  11. V Dash Gundam
  12. GaoGaiGo
  13. Rose 3

For missions with under 13 deployed units, I take off starting at the top as those three are WAY overlevelled compared to the rest of the forces, so I need to feed the rest. But if I ever fail a mission for any reason, the top 3 are coming in and will crush anything in sight.

Maybe next session I'll finally get around to "main story missions" for the first time in like 3 sessions lol.