The Domain

2001 - 2005

For those unaware (which I would assume are most of you), I have been doing my stupid "writing about crap only I care about" thing for a long while. Back when everyone was putting their sites on Angelfire or Geocities, I created my little slice of the web, Darkmoon's Domain, and it was exactly as awful as you'd expect for a teenager. The tone of the articles was, essentially, conversationally belligerent, and I'm not at all certain why anyone read what I was posting. People did, I know, but it boggles my mind as to why.

Over time, a couple of friends volunteered to write a few articles for the site as well. At that point I dropped my online name from the title and it became "The Domain". It was still wretchedly written, but now in a collaborative sense.

And then eventually I deleted the site from the web. The site was awful and I was glad to be rid of it... but I did keep all the old articles around. And I really hate getting rid of anything I've saved. Thus, despite my protestations in the past that I was never going to post these articles, here are all the old Domain articles that I haven't, over the years, repurposed and reused in other projects.

These articles are bad. Read at your own risk. I simply post them to show just how far this site (and my own writing style) have come over the years.

Note: Dates posted are estimated, at best. Due to edits to their HTML templates, the actual dates these articles were written have been lost to time. Also some articles are missing as well. I preserved their original numbering, as I could, but any gaps in this archive will likely never be filled, sadly.